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Famous Hollywood Celebrities Who Use Colored Contacts

by Mallory Murphy May 12, 2014

Celebrities are being followed all over the world by their fans. People have given them access into their hearts. Most of the celebrities have long been secured a certain region in our mind through their performance. We love to follow their style. You can find the proof when you will ask yourself:  why many famous fashion brands are spending millions of dollars hiring celebrities to promote their product?
It is a fact that celebrities need to maintain their place in their fans’ minds. It is done through their performance and glamorous appearance. They frequently need to update their cool look and beautiful appearance, because people love the combination of beauty and variation. To serve this purpose efficiently, colored contacts are the most necessary item in their fashion box.
Eyes are the most beautiful and meaningful part of human body. When a pair of eyes belongs to your favorite actress, you can spend a lot of your time staring at it. 
Nowadays many actresses are using colored contacts, just like them: 
Angelina Jolie
When watching different movies of Angelina Jolie, you may find that this woman possessing the most beautiful and mysterious pair of eyes among the whole world. Jolie uses elegant green colored contacts occasionally when doing photo shoots.
Jennifer Aniston 
Some favorite movies of Jennifer Aniston are ‘The Good Dirl’, ‘Derailed’, ‘The Break-up’, ‘Rock Star’, ‘Bruce Almighty’, ‘Love Happens’, ‘The Bounty Hunter’, etc. In your free time when you will watch a Jennifer Aniston movie, you may find that she is not as gorgeous as other American actress. Rather, she has a ‘girl next door’ look. But the mystery lies on her eyes. You may lose yourself somewhere watching her eyes -- such a pair of calm, peaceful, innocent eyes -- and you may fall in love with her eyes. Like all other actresses, Jennifer Aniston plays with her eyes. Brown is the natural eye color of this actress, but sometime she uses blue contacts.
Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore is a beautiful, famous American actress. She has many skills and talents or roles to play, like being a model, screenwriter, producer, film director and author.  Drew Barrymore is the granddaughter of film legend John Barrymore. She has a God-gifted, innocent smile which you will enjoy most of the time in her appearances on different movies. She has a pair of blue, natural eyes but sometime she does some experiments by wearing blue contacts.
Penelope Cruz
This natural beauty is a Spanish actress. Frequently, she does modeling. She has natural brown eyes but she loves to wear green lenses. Against her dark eyes, those green lenses are simply beautiful.
Hayden Panettiere
She is an American actress who had a role on the TV series “Heroes”.  Hayden Leslie Panettiere is her full name. She has dark eyes and usually likes to change them into blue or green by using certain contact lenses.
Paris Hilton
Another American actress is Paris Hilton, who loves changing her eye color by different contact lenses. She loves to wear blue colored contact lenses which are surrounded by black edge. This type of contact lenses is Paris Hilton’s ‘can’t-live-without accessories’. You may hardly find her without them. 

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