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Eye Contacts – Eye Care Tips for First Time Users

by Mallory Murphy July 19, 2013

Eye contacts or contact lenses are the latest when it comes to eyewear products. Compared to glasses with crooked frames and smudged lenses, contact lenses are far more convenient to wear. This is because you will no longer have to deal wiping the lenses time and time again. And of course, you will no longer have to deal with the slippery and sticky nose grips anymore! With the reign of such eye products, everyone now gets the opportunity to say goodbye to their old eyeglasses and say hello to versatile contact lenses.

Wearing eye contacts can be a liberating experience, too. With the many different choices that abound in the market today, one will surely have the chance to experience something far different from what he has experienced with his old and traditional eyeglasses. Wearing these innovative lenses is a way by which a person is freed from the many restrictions brought about by wearing glasses. However, there are some important things one should consider first before getting in the way to buy contact lenses and wear them every day.

Here are some important tips and reminders you should take note especially when you are a first time user of eye contacts.

Vision Care

The first step to getting contact lenses is to have your eye examined by an ophthalmologist or an optometrist. A vision test is usually conducted and of course, determining the current condition of your eye. If in case certain symptoms have been detected, the eye expert will then take appropriate and proper actions for it.

You may be asked by the eye doctor whether you choose a pair of glasses or eye contacts. Any of the two options are important because they both help in giving you relevant vision care. They are designed to help you address whatever vision problem you have at the moment. Take time to learn about eye care insurance providers, too. They usually offer replacement of glasses or contacts every 2 years.

Dry Eyes

Do you have dry eyes and you’re looking for eye contacts with specific brands? Looking for a specific brand for such kind of eye condition can be a hard task as there’s no brand which are made for such cases. However, there are contacts which work better to those who have drier set of eyes. Some contacts are made to contain 75% of water and they are commonly referred to as “soft or wet contacts”.

Wet contacts tend to evaporate during the day. Naturally, they are water absorbent so they can replace the lost moisture by drawing water from the eyes. In this regard, it is best to look for contacts that contain less moist or water. Look for the hydrogel types because they only contain 30% of water. They are in fact the best choices of many people in the market who are looking for contact lenses that will help them address their dry eyes effectively.

Cleaning Helps Extends the Life of Eye Contacts

Take note that contact lenses can last for up to one year when they are properly cleaned, stored, and maintained. Cleaning simply means the removal of protein buildups which have accumulated on the lenses while they are used. Using a multi-purpose cleaning solution is considered as a common and effective way of cleaning your contacts.

A multi-purpose cleaning solution provides an easier way of cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing, and storing contacts. Solutions with hydrogen peroxide are also used as an alternative when multi-purpose cleaners aren’t available. However, proper rinsing is highly required to prevent eye burns and irritations.

Another cleaning option is the enzymatic cleaner which often comes in the form of tablet or pill dissolved in clean or distilled water. Contacts are soaked overnight in the solution and properly rinsed before the next use.




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