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Choosing Contacts to Change Eye Colors in Teens

by Mallory Murphy August 05, 2013

Choosing Contacts to Change Eye Color in Teens

Teenage life has its unique sets of challenges, like pressure at home, school, dating and simply fitting in this cruel world and wearing contact lenses in place of bulky spectacles improves the teenager’s confidence in every way. Helping them choose the right contacts to change eye color will also be another challenge. These are the different considerations needed in choosing the right contacts for your teen age kids:

1.  Level of Responsibility

Before any decision is made in making the purchase of the contact lens parent should determine if their kids are already responsible enough to have one. Level of responsibility and maturity is very variable among kids today; they should be able to care properly for their contacts with minimal instructions and without the need of reminders. Always remember that proper contact lens care corresponds to proper eye care.

2. Right Motivation

Parents should determine whether the real intention of wearing contacts is legitimate and not a product of peer pressure. Most trend savvy teens wear contacts to change eye color because they find it cool and not because they need it. Teens may not be totally responsible to care for their contact lenses unless they have the right motivation from the start.

3. Right Color

Proper guidance should be in place in choosing the right contacts to change eye color among teens. In light colored eyes, a subtle enhancement tint that defines the edge of the iris and naturally deepens eye color may be beneficial.

Eyes which are naturally blue may still look natural using contact lenses with gray and green color. Those with naturally light colored eyes might also choose a warm-toned contact lens such as light brown. Opaque colored tints for contacts to change eye color best suits dark eyes. For a natural look change, a lighter hazel or light honey brown color contact may be in place. There are vividly colored contacts that allow you to stand up among the crowd like blue, green and violet while bright colored lenses may be ideal for dark colored skin complexions.

4. Better Vision

It is most important that the lens contraption works. Make sure that there is a significant difference in wearing one in terms of functionality and not just aesthetics. Determine whether teens can legibly read smaller prints or see farther with the new contact lenses. Make them do a blink test which ideally gives a crisp and clear image afterwards. Other low quality soft contacts become distorted after a blink blurring ones vision temporarily. Using contacts to change eye color may be an aesthetic choice but functionality should be primary.

5. Easy Care

Teens are always on the go, loading them with tons of technical instructions in caring for their contacts may not be a good idea at all. Choose those lenses which will only require simple rubbing with a cleaning solution and soaking in disinfectants. Lenses which require special care, positioning, receptacles etc. may only confuse the teens and frustrate parents in the end.

6. Affordability

Affordability is not only an issue of the purchase cost. One should also consider its durability as to product lifespan, cost of cleaning solution and cost of disinfectants. Teens may frequently lose their contact lenses, thus it's best to choose the affordable ones to make replacement purchases less costly.

7. Healthy Contacts

Contact lenses should not attach to tightly on the corneal surface. It should allow some oxygen to pass through the lens gap to avoid accumulation of tear residues that may serve as a focus of eye infection. Lens residues accumulations should frequently be cleaned and exposed to disinfectants.

The choice for the right contacts to change eye color for teenagers should never outweigh the primary reason of using contacts for functionality and medical prescription. Using contacts for fashion may be chic and trendy but should not be abused frequently. One must put emphasis on contact lens care as though they were caring for their eyes. Seeing clearly is good, but good vision while looking good is far better.

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