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5 Movies You Loved Because of Colored Contact Lenses

by Mallory Murphy September 25, 2013

The use of colored contact lenses for special effects in movies is popular in the fantasy genre. These are also called theatrical lenses. They have an opaque tint to surprisingly change the iris and pupil of your eyes. The color and pattern of the lens create a surreal effect that complete the look you are going for. The werewolves, aliens, and vampires we have come to love in certain movies would not have achieved their overall look without the help of these contacts. Let us list down five popular movies that have used theatrical lenses in creating an alternate reality for all of us.

1. The Harry Potter series

When it was announced that Ralph Fiennes was to play Voldemort, many people wondered how this blue-eyed British actor could pull off the personification of unadulterated evil. However, with the help of prosthetics and theatrical lenses that looked like red discs, the lovable actor was transformed into the foreboding Dark Lord. Fiennes pulled the role off with an astounding performance and looming red irises which left people open-mouthed.

2. Avatar

James Cameron's lovable blue-skinned extraterrestrials would have looked less alien and more human if not for colored contact lenses used to disguise their eyes. The golden yellow irises with large, black pupils created a brighter, more defined look for the aliens and gave them a literal out-of-this-worldly feel.

3. The Hulk

Green colored contacts lenses play superb role for our hero - The Hulk. Whether you imagine him as Eric Bana, Edward Norton or Mark Ruffalo, you will surely realize that their treatment of Bruce Banner have at least one thing in common. The eye color changes from brown to a vicious green when he transforms into The Hulk. Before the graphics set in, we see the actor's eyes with theatrical lenses being zoomed in as he transforms from physicist to monster.

4. Twilight

From your beloved blood-sucking Cullens to the sexy Quileute werewolves, colored contact lenses were used to produce their overall aura. Eye color played an essential part in showing the state of a Cullen vampire's thirst. Whereas a normal vampire has red eyes, Cullen's eyes changes color from topaz to black depending on the state of his hunger. A bloodthirsty Cullen will have black eyes that turn into a golden topaz color once his thirst has been satiated.

5. Star Wars saga

The Sith lords who have incited the audience's collective hatred could not have achieved their dark, foreboding presence without the help of colored contact lenses that produce glowing yellow eyes. From Darth Maul to Darth Vader, we have come to recognize those eyes as pure evil. During the scene where Anakin kills several Mustafar separatists, we can see his eye color gradually changing into Sith eyes and returning to its normal state after. Nothing else could have represented his change from Jedi to Sith lord better than that.

The use of colored contact lenses also extends to the media aside from movies. Pop superstars Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are both well known for using these contacts to create unique looks in music videos. The rapper Hopsin is also well known for his use of white contact lenses that make his eyes look as if they have no tinted parts. It is also said that Canadian rapper Drake uses brown contact lenses to cover his real eye color.

These colored contact lenses used in movies and other media have been mass produced by several companies for the consumption of the public. Fans may now imitate their favorite characters' looks, from outfit to eye color, with the help of these cosmetic lenses on special occasions. With Halloween is just around the corner, wouldn't it be nice to dress up like your favorite character with his eye color to boot?

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