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Choosing Your Colored Contacts: A Few Things You Need to Know

by Mallory Murphy August 26, 2013

Choosing Your Colored Contacts: A Few Things You Need to Know

Colored contacts allow you to express your artistic side by changing your eye color. Whether you are going for a subtle look or a dramatic one, changing your eye color will do the trick for you.

Nowadays, contact lenses are no longer used for simply correcting vision problems. Plano lenses are manufactured entirely for cosmetic value and do not have the ability to correct vision. These colored contact lenses may be more expensive than clear ones, but the ability to change your eye color is well worth the extra bucks.


Color Contacts


Types of Colored Contacts

Colored contacts are designed to mimic the pigmented portion of the eye, the iris. They feature a series of radially arranged shapes, lines, and dots to make the lenses look natural when worn.

Basically, colored contacts come in three types of tints - the visibility tint, enhancement tint, and opaque tint.

Visibility lenses use a light greenish or bluish tint to help you see it when applying or removing them. These tints are relatively faint and have no effect on your eye color.

A more solid, translucent tint is used in enhancement-tinted lenses. These were made to enhance natural eye color. Enhancement tints suit light-colored eyes, as it makes them look more intense.

Non-transparent lenses are used to completely change eye colors and have opaque tint. People with dark eye colors are advised to pick from this line to completely be able to change their eye color.

One type of opaque-tinted lenses, the theatrical lenses, has long been used as special effect lenses. They can transform you, with the help of your eyes, into a vampire, or an alien, or whatever creature you think of.


Picking Your Color

Choosing a set of colored contacts depends on numerous factors. Skin tone and hair color must be considered. More importantly, you need to choose whether you are going for a dramatic or subtle effect.

People with light-colored eyes may go for an enhancement tint defining their irises. This will deepen their natural eye color. A more dramatic look may be achieved by going for colored lenses with blue-red undertones.

Opaque-tinted lenses work best with dark eyes. One may go for lighter browns or hazel tones for a subtle effect. If you want drama, however, go for brightly-colored ones like blue, violet, or green.


Other Considerations Before Buying Colored Contacts

There are a few reminders we need to bear in mind when buying contacts. Although these lenses are sized to fit most wearers, blinking and other such circumstances can dislodge them. This may cause a little discomfort, as well as an unnatural look.

Another thing to remember is that pupils dilate and contract depending on the availability of light. When your pupil dilates, vision may slightly be affected.

Colored lenses continue to gain more popularity. With its wide array of colors, you will surely find a pair that best suits your needs and personality.

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