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The Best Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes

by Mallory Murphy July 18, 2016

The Best Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes

Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes
The greatest fact about colored lenses is that they give you an opportunity to change your eye color to something you’ve always dreamed of. However, it is important to note that not all shades of contact lenses will complement the natural color of your eyes. The following guide is going to take you through choosing the right colored lenses. 

Color contact lenses are available in both Plano and prescription forms. Plano contacts are worn solely for cosmetic and beauty purposes. This means that they do not have lens power for vision correction. On the other hand, prescription color contacts are used in correcting your myopia and hyperopia as well as enhancing your eye color. 

Before purchasing colored contact lenses, the following are some of the tips you should know;

Shop From A Reliable Store
This is a number one factor to look out for before making any purchase. Make sure that the retailer you’re buying lenses from has been approved by the relevant medical body. Reliable retailers will always list their licenses on their websites. This is an assurance that your purchase is safe to use. 


Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes

Choosing The Right Size
Color lenses come in various diameters, which definitely result in different looks. The diameters range from a more subtle effect to an extreme doll effect. If you’re uncertain of what you really want, then start somewhere in the middle. This is an easy method of determining whether to go for larger or smaller lenses in the near future. 

Choosing Colors
If changing the color of your eyes is part of the objectives, then there are certain things you need to put into consideration. If you have lighter eyes, going for translucent colors is advisable whereas more opaque color is ideal for dark eyes. Well, we are going to look into details about color contacts for dark eyes

Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes

Types of Color Tints
Color contacts come in three different forms;
Visibility Tint: This is normally a green tint or a light blue added to a lens to enable you see it better during insertion or removal. They are relatively faint thus don’t affect the eye.
Enhancement Tint: This is a solid, translucent tint. As the name suggests, enhancement tint is used in enhancing the natural color of your eyes. It’s recommended for people with light-colored eyes with an aim of making their eye color more intense. 
Opaque Tint: It’s a non-transparent tint that can completely change your eye color. As noted earlier, this type of color tint is recommended for people with dark eyes. 

There are different types of colored contacts for dark eyes. This includes the following;

Brown color contacts
If you are looking forward to enhancing your dark eyes with natural-looking contact lenses, then going for brown contacts on brown eyes will be the perfect idea. Under brown color contacts, there are huge varieties to choose from. If you have very dark brown eyes, purchasing amber lenses will add light to your eyes. You can also choose golden or honey undertones to make your eyes glare. 

Green color contacts
This is another color option for people with dark eyes, especially if you aim at achieving an Irish look. Green color contacts look very natural when worn on dark eyes, regardless of lens you choose or exact shade of your eyes.

Blue color contacts
If you have dark eyes and always dreamt of having a pair of baby blues, then this is the perfect recommendation for you. Blue is one of the most sought-after choices of colored contacts for dark eyes. If having a darker shade of brown eyes, then settling on blue color contacts will result to dark blue-brown eyes. On the other hand, lighter shades of brown eyes with a fusion of blue contacts will result to have sea blue eyes. Other forms of blue colored contacts include soft blue, baby blue, electric blue and baby blue, commonly referred to as Paris Hilton eyes.

Gray color contacts
If you really don’t want to go through the entire process of changing the color of your eyes but to simply jazz up your existing look, then gray color contacts may be the ideal choice for you. Be it darker or lighter shade of dark eyes, gray color will surely look good on you. Contrary to other color contacts, gray matches all skin tones. 

Whatever shade of color you settle on, rocking the perfect look is the number one factor. This means issues like hair color and skin tone should be taken into consideration.


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