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What do you need to know about non-prescription colored contacts?

by Mallory Murphy October 16, 2016

What do you need to know about non-prescription colored contacts?

Colored Contacts

Color contacts are a fun way to change from your usual colorless contacts to enhance your appearance and eye color. The challenge is finding the color contacts that work for your skin tone, hair color and still keep you in fashion. A good way to look for the best eye color contacts is to look at what you wear most? What colors? What do you wear often? Which ones fetch most compliments? When you find the answers to these questions is the first step to choosing your contacts.


Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes

Why you should wear colored contacts

Flexible. It’s easier to change eye color to switch to any film using colored contacts without affecting your perspective. There are diverse colors such as blue, green, purple, indigo and gray which can be matched with your outfits.

Enhances your looks. When you opt for the bright colored contact that boosts out your skin tone, you enhance your appearance. These contacts command your whole look. Shades of silver and purple give you an intense look whereas brown contacts give you a serious and reliable look.

Fashionable. Wearing colored contacts is a trend especially in the film industry, and many people are now embracing it. People are now using them to have and modern, elegant and stylish looks. They not only supplement your natural charm but also make you appear stunning.

Blue Colored Contacts

How to wear colored contacts

Wash your hands.wash your hands and rinse thoroughly to ensure that no soap residue remains. Use a hand towel or air dryer to dry your hands.

Remove one contact from its lens solution. Check whether it’s right or left unless the prescription is the same. Make it a routine to start with one eye.

Place one contact on your index finger. Please handle with care and ensure that the hollow side faces up. Inspect it at close range for debris, cracks or rips.

Pull your lower eye skin away from the eye. Use your thumb and index finger of the hand that is not holding the lens to pull away the skin from your eye. Don’t worry if you are a beginner you will gain experience as you keep doing it.

Calmly, move the colored contact towards your eye. Do not blink or make any movement. It’s easier if you look upwards. Gently place the colored contact on the iris.

Release the skin around the eye. Start with the lower side fire to ensure that there are no air bubbles trapped which can hurt the eye. Close the eye then blink slowly until the eye is comfortable. Repeat the same process to the other eye.

 Colored Contacts for Brown Eyes

How to choose your colored contacts.

If you have a fair skin tone, colored lenses in shades of blue, violet and gray will look good on you. You can also experiment other bright colors such as turquoise, amethyst, and aqua which will blend in perfectly with your skin tone.

For the dark skin or dusky complexion, you can try out a different color, but it depends on the effect you want to achieve. Try out natural colors too such as the amethyst. If you are the outgoing kind of person, colored contacts such as honey, autumn or even gray contacts will meet your desired look.

Tanned skin tones need bright colored contacts like the navy blue, green, honey, hazel and gray. Avoid bright colored blue it brings negative contrast between the eye and skin.

Black hair blends well with violet, gray and ice blue colored contacts. Blonde or golden brown are a good match for contacts shades of brown, honey, green and hazel. For those with outstanding, unique hair colors like blue and pepper, the like of violet and ice blue will work for you. Strawberry hair color will need to settle for a laid back contact color such as brown or honey.

Tips for checking skin tone match

Using the color chart at your optician’s, narrow down to two colors that please you. Wear one on the right eye and the other on the left one. Look in the mirror to check out which of the two colors is the best combination for your hair and skin tone. You may close one eye at a time to make the best decision. 

Once you have settled for your favorite colored contact, check out how it will appear in different lighting conditions.try out in places with limited lighting then go to a place with a bright light to see the effects on your colored contacts.







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