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Which Colored Contacts Suit Your Eyes?

by Mallory Murphy May 25, 2016

People often see colored contacts as part of fashion. Some even wear colored lenses to match their outfits or that of the season. As fun as this sounds though, you have to take into consideration, which color, or colors if you plan on buying more, would suit the color of your eyes. So to help you on that quest, here’s a guide:


Bear in mind that majority of colored contacts are designed in such a way that they would emulate the iris or the part of our eyes which has color. As this area comprises of colorful lines and shapes, colored lenses come with colored little dots and colored lines and shapes arranged radially to give the lenses a natural effect when worn on the eyes. The central part of the lens, which lies over the pupil, is kept clear for you to see all the better.


The Three Types of Tints for Colored Contacts


1. Visibility Tint


As this tint is soft, it barely affects your eye color at all. It is mostly hues of light green or blue just for the purpose of making you see it better when you put it on or take it out of your eyes or if accidental drop.


2. Enhancement Tint


This is a little darker than the first type as it features a solid but still see-through tint. As it’s basically meant to enhance your eye color, this works best if you want to add a more intense look to your light colored eyes.


3. Opaque Tint


A non-transparent tint that’s as clear as it gets, it completely changes your eye color. For dark eyed people, this will surely work wonders. This type of contacts comes in colors of gray, blue, violet, green, amethyst, hazel and brown.




Selecting the Color that Suits You Best


In selecting the color of your colored contacts, you have to take into consideration factors like the color of your hair, and tone of your skin. But it will also depend on the look of your desire whether it’s just more natural or more daring with dramatic overall impact.


1. For Light Eyes


For a subtle change of your appearance, an enhancement tint would work best as it will emphasize the edges of your iris and deepen your natural eye color. Should you wish to explore different eye colors but still maintain the natural look, you can opt for contactswith hues of green or gray. If you’re after a more dramatic look that will command attention, go for contact lenses with warmer tones like light brown.

2. For Dark Eyes


The ultimate choice for dark eyes is lenses with opaque tints. If you want a change that looks more natural, try hazel or light honey brown. However, if you want a look that stands out then dare for more striking colors like blue, violet and green. Dark skin is best paired with bright contactsbecause they’re sure to give you a total makeover.


3. Custom-Tinted Colored Contacts


There are some people who also have custom-made tints created for the specific color that they desire or particularly need. For example, such colored lenses can give a natural appearance to one that has an injury of the eye or a congenital eye defect. Professional athletes also have their lenses custom made so that they will have better vision as they play their sports.


Overall though, colored contacts have been crafted for you to be able to create a totally new look or enhance your current look. Either purpose though, fulfill one objective. And that is to make you feel more confident and better about yourself. So go out there and have fun. You’re now seeing the world in a different light!


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