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Our Team



Owner. Founder. Friend.

The team here at consists exclusively of yours truly. While I am often overwhelmed with the work of running a business and the challenges I must face I love what I do. I am blessed to be able to  do what I do. Outside of work I am just like many of you. Friends call me a bit of a fashionista and love tracking the latest trends. Usually though I like to put my own twist on the styles to really feel empowered and original. Thank you so much for putting your trust in me and my abilities as a businesswoman. I won't let you down.

Love you guys,


Our Mission: 

First and foremost our company vision is built around changing yours. was formed around an ideal, a mission of giving people the flexibility and creativity we all so desperately desire. Why should you be constrained in the life you live and the way you express yourself to the world?

We understand the importance of appearance. The way we look has a powerful and profound effect on the way we feel and view ourselves. believes in offering every opportunity possible to truly enable our amazing customers to transform their lives. We realize there is nothing more powerful in this world than the importance and impact of a stellar first impression. People shed pounds, dye their hair and even undergo surgery to perfect the image and persona they project unto the world. Yet in spite of all this, in spite of our overwhelming efforts to create the exact aesthetics we crave we ultimately fall wholeheartedly short.

The most important feature, truly the first thing you notice when meeting an individual for the first time is their eyes. The eyes are called the gateway to a person’s souls. And for good reason. What do your eyes say about you? Are you that friendly fellow that is the life of the party or the cunning creative always focused on innovation?



Our Customers

Our audience are rebels, unaccepting of the norms and always looking to push the boundaries. We do absolutely everything in our power to allow the freedom and flexibility they so crave. We push the limits on comfort and fashion to help these livers of life, these passionate people thrive.

Why should you be limited in life? How can we as people purely express ourselves without experimentation and outlandish fun? We fight for the truest costumes, the craziest expressions and the most beautiful versions of ourselves. So what do your eyes really say about you? What do you say about that?

Our Contacts

We know it can be difficult to see the way forward. Our team is dedicated to helping you in your creative journey of buying colored contacts. Need help shifting your perspective and transforming your appearance? Our team of artistic admirers are hoping to help you revolutionize your world. If you have any questions about the experience of wearing non-prescription color contacts or how best to shift your style we would love to hear from you. Email us anytime at with questions, comments or amazing pictures and let us truly share in your transformative transition.

Remember…everything is not as it appears.